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Lamparas árabes y faroles marroquíes.

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Las lamparas árabes y faroles marroquíes son una iluminación espectacular, producen un ambiente íntimo y acogedor por toda la gama de colores que nos elevan a un estado de relax. Sus diseños de figuras geométricas que iluminan la casa, se reflejan en las paredes y suelos mostrando un toque elegante y único. Por eso aquí tenemos todo tipo de lámparas árabes de techo colgantes, de mesa o apliques de pared y porta velas en alpaca, cristal, bronce para velas. Estilos diferentes de farol de forja marroquí o el granadino, todos con una calidad muy alta y fabricados artesanalmente. Apliques con diseños con grandes acabados. Lámparas turcas de cristal de colores, lámparas piel pintada con henna para techo o mesa, de sal o de cobre. Porta velas, candelabros y faroles árabes pequeños traídos de Marruecos.

Arabic and Moroccan lamps and lanterns

Decoracion Arabe presents you the most suitable decoration for each space in your home. You can give yourself the pleasure of seducing, with color and exoticism, the illumination of your home with Arab, Moroccan lanterns, beautifully handcrafted; both inside and outside, giving a sense of Oriental refinement. Made by craftsmen, the lamps are made in traditional style with touches of modernity in the design. The materials used vary from brass, bronze, glass, copper, nickel silver or henna painted leather, wrought iron, etc.

The range of choice is wide for the lighting of your home: we offer traditional Moroccan lanterns from Fes, with a geometric design that recalls the drawings of the Alhambra, wall lights in wrought iron, glass, or wrought iron, as well as wall lights with skin painted with henna. We have wrought iron lanterns for the exterior. We also offer table lamps, both in fossil Himalayan salt or other minerals such as selenite and onyx, we also offer other lamps in papier-mache or colored mosaic-type glass.

Arabic lamps produce an exotic and cozy atmosphere with a whole sifting of colors that suggest intimacy and relaxation. The geometric figures reflected on the wall and floor create an atmosphere in the corners of your home, producing the feeling of color, style and exoticism.

Buy the best accessories for Arabic lighting in your home

These decorative Arabic lighting products will give your home an original and handmade Arabic style, they will leave you speechless. Our Moroccan Lanterns, Candlesticks, Candle Holders and Moroccan Arabic Lamps make a really precious combination of lights and shadows.

Do not hesitate, we have more than 900 products of Arab crafts.

The Arabic and Moroccan lighting is spectacular and the Arabic style produces an intimate and cozy atmosphere throughout the range of colors that elevates us to a state of relaxation. His designs of geometric figures that illuminate the house are reflected on the walls and floors, showing an elegant and unique touch. That is why here we have all kinds of hanging ceiling lamps, table lamps or wall sconces and candle holders in nickel silver, glass, bronze for candles. Different styles of Moroccan or Granada forge lantern, all of very high quality and handcrafted. We also have a wide variety of Arabic wall lights with designs and great finishes, these Arabic wall lights will make your home a very cozy place.

Turkish colored glass lamps, leather lamps painted with henna for ceiling or table: these leather lamps will really surprise you. Salt or copper lamps. Candle holders, candelabra and small Arabic lanterns brought from Morocco.

In our Arabic lighting store you can find all those Arabic styles and details that you cannot find in other online stores.

In addition, we not only have lighting items but you can also find Moroccan decoration and lighting items for any corner of your home.


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